Neon Sign Maker


-- Production Time 2 weeks after approval -- 

Neon signs are hand-made products made up of LED strips, silicon flex tubes, and acrylic shape. Neon signs are the best type of decoration for homes, weddings, shops, offices, etc as well as they are much liked as a gift that can be gifted to anyone such as family, friends, etc.

Furthermore, neon signs can make your life colorful along you personal space. The color of the neon sign creates adds mind-blowing hues to the place where they're installed.

Package box includes a neon sign, screws for mounting on the wall, a remote for adjusting brightness, and a 12V power adapter to light up the sign.

If you are you looking for a customized neon sign, then don't worry; just let us know the following details. We will construct them just for you!